Hello friends!
My name is Fedor, and this is my young sist Drusha! We are English bulldogs from Russia, we live in the Crimea republic with our Mother Dasha. We really love to play, eat, play, ride a car, catch cats and enjoy life!
Our mom graphic designer.
A couple of years ago, she decided to draw me and created her first print, which our friends really liked, they also wanted one for themselves, and that's how it all started!
We do more than just prints!
At the moment we produce many different products with our prints for both people and dogs! In our assortment: clothes, accessories, souvenirs, tableware, gifts, printing and much more!
And we also have a lot of friends!
We are sociable guys, we like to hang out. Bulldogs in general are good eggs aren't they?:) We have our own blog in IG @fedoranddream_freeman, Join our community! Let's make this world a better place for Bulldogs together!

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